Project Overview
Genres: Metroidvania, 2D Platformer, Bullet Hell
Embark on a microscopic adventure as a microhuman inside a sick body. Battle harmful bacteria with your bacteriophage-infused weapon, adapt with strategic upgrades, navigate randomly generated levels, and conquer challenging bosses to delve deeper into the body.
My Role
Project Manager - Oversaw the development of a 6-person team. Maintained project vision, tracked progress using agile methodologies, created the initial repository, and organized all project assets. Ensured timely development and release for our first-year university project.
Sound Designer & Composer - Established the game's sonic identity. Crafted sound effects to give satisfying feedback and designed a 9-track original soundtrack with an escalating intensity that mirrors the progression through the body.
Programmer - Developed the core room-fixed camera system for seamless navigation within the limited view of the microscopic world and created the dialogue system to deliver exposition and set the game's unique tone.
Project Goals
Our primary goal was to create a fun platformer that had a unique thematic design, and a game that we were proud to call our first ever proper game made in this university program, as this was our first year in university.
Technologies Used
Engine: Unity (2D)
Audio: FL Studio (music), Audacity (sound effects)
Project Management: Discord, Google Services, Github
Key Features
Customizable Weapons System - Begin your journey with one of 4 weapons (grenade launcher, shotgun, pistol, or ray gun), each offering a distinct playstyle. Tailor your experience further with shop upgrades that enhance attack speed, power, movement, and other vital stats.
Shop Reroll Mechanic - Push your luck and refocus your build by rerolling the shop for a fee. Gamble for a chance to find higher-tier upgrades, adding a compelling risk-reward element to progression.
Unique Bacteriophage Mechanic - Witness the power of science! Defeated enemies realistically erupt into smaller bacteriophages, chain-damaging surrounding threats and emphasizing the core concept of your weapon.
Gameplay Description
The core gameplay centers around fluid movement, precise aiming, and strategic weapon selection. Players navigate interconnected rooms, eliminating all bacterial enemies within each room to progress. Choose from four distinct weapons (grenade launcher, shotgun, pistol, or ray gun), each offering a unique playstyle.
Levels are procedurally generated, ensuring each playthrough offers a fresh experience. Explore to uncover the boss room entrance, where you'll face an enhanced, powerful version of a regular enemy. Upon defeating the boss, players earn a traversal ability (e.g., double jump, dash), essential for accessing new areas in subsequent levels. They may also visit the shop to purchase upgrades, bolstering their combat effectiveness.
This gameplay loop repeats across four levels, with each level introducing new enemy types and increased difficulty. The journey culminates in a challenging, multi-phase final boss encounter, putting a player's accumulated skills and upgrades to the ultimate test.
Results and Achievements
- "Best First Year" award at GameCon 2022, recognizing exceptional quality for a debut project.
- Surpassed 1000 views and 130 downloads on, demonstrating player interest.
Links and References
- Download the game: Bacteriophage on
- GameCon 2022 showcase: GameCon2022 Awards
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